If you’ve heard the word “boot camp” before and associate it with torturous exercises and intimidating trainers, we wouldn’t blame you. That being said, a real boot camp couldn’t be further from its stereotype. Boot camp is a collection of outdoor exercises that are fun, friendly, and help you achieve your personal fitness goals. Besides high-intensity training sessions and brand new fitness know-how, you’ll likely be walking out of fitness boot camp with a handful of new skills. If you’re on the fence about enrolling in a boot camp, here are a few reasons you may want to take the dive!

It improves muscle building and body toning

If you’re a fitness buff looking to get toned and pack on muscle as quickly as possible, boot camp is your new best friend. Most boot camps offer high-intensity programs that involve cardiovascular and mobility enhancing exercises. Better yet, a personal trainer will help you target every muscle group in your body. In just the span of a few weeks, you can develop a leaner body, increase bone strength and density along with improving your cardiovascular health through strength training.

It is more affordable than you think

New to the fitness world? You might do better with a little guidance at first before jumping the gun on a pricey gym membership or crafting a workout routine of your own. Boot camps can provide you with a personal trainer, who will craft an effective workout routine that best suits your goals and current body type. Believe it or not, hiring a personal trainer at your local gym is actually far more costly than simply enrolling in a boot camp.

It encourages social interaction

Unlike in gyms, where the general atmosphere is competitive, boot camps are a great setting for developing new friendships. Exercising in groups can increase the number of endorphins your body produces during workouts and you won’t have to worry about having to outdo anyone. At best, group activities can also help you improve your teamwork skills (and fill your phone book with the numbers of each of your new friends). 

It gets you motivated

Let’s face it—working out on your own can admittedly get a little lonely. Purchasing a gym membership may encourage you to meet your fitness goals in the first few weeks, but having no one to egg you on can be pretty tough. On the other hand, enrolling in a boot camp means that you’ll be surrounded by dozens of other people looking to achieve the same fitness goals as you. What better way to stay accountable than with the encouraging words of others?

It gets you quicker results

Along with your team, boot camp coaches will not shy away from cheering you on. With their help, you won’t only find yourself improving your endurance with every workout—you may even surpass the limitations you thought you had. 


If you can feel your blood pumping and heart racing, it may be time to scratch that boot camp itch! 

If you’re looking for a fitness boot camp in Cambridge and are all about rapid results, make an appointment with us at AM Fitness Cambridge! We make your goals our goals, so you won’t skip a beat!