First-timers who want to achieve a healthy lifestyle are often plagued with questions and misunderstandings about fitness training. Many people share their negative claims and bad experiences through the Internet, and once enough people have passed it around, it becomes true to people who don’t know the difference. 

Debunking the Internet’s fitness myths

Proper information is the key to convincing yourself to try out new things to live a healthier lifestyle. In this article, we will debunk five of the common Internet myths about fitness training:

Myth #1: The higher your numbers on the weighing scale, the less fit you are

Many people track their fitness goals objectively through the weighing scale since looking at the mirror can paint an inaccurate picture of your progress. However, there are cases when people feel that their efforts aren’t translated through the weighing scale’s numbers.

You should know that the weight reading doesn’t consider the difference in the density of fat and muscle. Muscle takes up less space compared to the same pound of fat, which is why it’s difficult to track your progress on weight alone. Gaining weight can actually be a positive sign that you’re gaining more muscle and keeping less fat in your body.

 Myth #2: Doing strength training will give you a bulky body

Some people are turned off by the idea of doing strength training because they think that they’ll end up having a bulky figure. The reality of the matter is that it’ll take a long time, coupled with intense exercise and nutrition regimens, before you can even achieve a bodybuilder’s bulky body.

Unless you commit to the same training and diet that professional bodybuilders do, then there’s little to no chance that you’ll build your muscles to look like one.

Myth #3: If you’re not sweating, you’re doing it wrong

People who think they know much about fitness frequently flex their personal tips and tricks without knowing the science behind it. One common fitness myth is that you’re not doing your workout the right way if you’re not sweating or overexerting.

Keep in mind that producing sweat is your body’s method of cooling while the body heats up due to strenuous activity. Sweating helps you to burn water fat, which you gain from sodium, carbohydrates, and dehydration. Because of this, know that you can burn calories without having to break a sweat.

Myth #4: Using machines is the safest way to work out 

Using free weights by connecting plates, dumbbells, and handlebars can be confusing for beginners. Without a mechanism, people can sometimes get injured in mishandling these individual pieces.

Exercise machines are great for both veteran and first-timers who want to get into working out. However, it doesn’t mean that it’s the best and the safest way to your road to a healthy body. If you’re used to a machine’s specific setting and function, know that you can still get injured if you don’t practice proper form in the handling of the equipment.

Myth #5: If you’re not in pain, your workout plan isn’t working

The idea that you always have to suffer to get a fit body is entirely false. This concept of ‘no pain, no gain’ is what prevents many people from getting into fitness training. The first few days of working out are sure to break down your body due to the load of the exercise, but your body soon adapts to it over time.

People who do well in adapting to their workout often find that they don’t feel that much pain during and after a session.


Beginners who want to achieve a healthy lifestyle are often plagued with questions and misunderstandings about working out. Nevertheless, knowing the reality of what fitness training can do to improve your body will allow you to see its genuine benefits to living a healthier lifestyle.

People who think too highly about the fitness process can often forget that people have their own pace in achieving a healthy lifestyle. At AM Fitness Cambridge, we know the importance of catering to an individual’s road to healthy living.

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