People often jump into the fitness journey with pretences of motivation, usually involving rock-hard abs and a beach-ready body. While it may seem like a good goal, rocking a fit body for aesthetic purposes isn’t the only reason to get your torso in shape.

Your core is more than just your abdominal muscles—it’s your body’s powerhouse. It facilitates movement, keeps the back pain away, and supports your spinal health. 

Before jumping into a fitness boot camp, here are three reasons you need to strengthen your core:

1 – It prevents back pain

If you find yourself constantly dealing with back pain, you’re likely dealing with a weak core. Back muscles are naturally stronger, so if your abdominals are weak, the onset of back pain ensues. 

While massages and pain medications help alleviate the pain, these are temporary solutions only. Building core strength is key, as this balances the muscle strength of your front and back torso. 

If your work requires you to sit at a desk all day, you’ll likely end up with compressed discs in your spine, which will further make you vulnerable to back pain. To counter this, opt to sit on a stability ball rather than a traditional chair. Remember, the key is to engage your core muscles even through the most minimal of exercises.

Creating a balance between the front and back muscles is the end goal, so ensure that your abdomen stays engaged.

2 – It improves posture

With a strong core, you can carry yourself better. A bad posture can also put extra pressure on the spine, which eventually leads to chronic pain and weak chest muscles.

A bad posture also affects your confidence—it makes you look weak and defeated. Experts suggest that people with good postures are generally more positive and have strong self-images. 

While having good posture isn’t the magic solution to self-esteem issues, it’s a good place to start, especially if it means a stronger spine. Performing simple stretches and exercises can help. The change also entails a lot of discipline—as soon as you notice yourself slumping, sit up tall!

3 – It promotes a holistic healthy disposition

A strong and healthy body will indeed turn heads on the beach, especially with visible abs. Before sculpting your body to your desires, the first thing you need to do is build core stability.  This is essential, as building strength within allows you the perfect foundation for superficial muscles. Try this simple but extremely effective exercise for core stability:

  • Draw the abdominal muscles in. Your belly button should be pulling away from your pant waistline.
  • Hold for five seconds and then relax. 
  • Repeat this for ten times a day.

The key to core stability is to work from the inside out. You may look lean and strong, but remember that your real strength comes from a strong core—and a strong core that’s fully balanced!


A weak and unstable core leaves your body vulnerable to pain and spinal defects, undermining your ability to perform daily tasks. While it’s important to build a strong core foundation, merely focusing on building superficial abs is unwise.

Overtraining your abdominal muscles can affect your back and hip muscles, which could lead to injuries. Before getting those rock-hard abs, focus on core stability! In doing so, you’ll find your journey to be smooth sailing from there!

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