Many people aim to embrace a healthy lifestyle by incorporate exercises as part of their daily routine, but losing pounds and building your strength can beat down your motivation to go to the gym every now and then. Research finds that 26 per cent of exercisers tend to cancel on a class, but a new trend is rising in the fitness industry that combats this uninspired mindset.

Fitness boot camps offer group training that has been gaining momentum in recent years due to its contagious incentive to reach your fitness goals as a team. The concept of boot camp seems intimidating at first glance, but the get-up-and-go atmosphere can spur everyone in the class to join in on the 60-minute action for the ultimate workout.

Here are some reasons you should sign up for a boot camp and how it can enhance your exercise routine in more ways than one:

Benefit #1: Boot Camp Promotes Team Motivation

People find it difficult to stay disciplined enough to go to the gym once the initial inspiration fades within two to three months of working out. However, working with a team can do wonders in boosting your morale, allowing a diverse group to help each other reach the same fitness goals as you.

Knowing that you’re hustling with like-minded individuals reduces the risks of you falling off the wagon. Not to mention, surrounding yourself with people who can help keep you accountable can go a long way in promoting long-lasting motivation.

Benefit #2: Boot Camp Encourages Full Body Toning

If you’re looking to put your muscles to the test, boot camp is a place where you can challenge the entire body as most routines combine cardio, strength, and body-weight exercises. The holistic approach makes it easier to shave off trouble spots and shape your body under your terms, allowing you to work for your body goals with friends and a supportive coach to lead your group.

Benefit #3: Boot Camp Burns More Calories For Less Time

 It’s easy to lose sight of your fitness goals once your schedule starts to pile up with responsibilities, meetings, and personal commitments. Waking to a hectic day can drain the motivation away from your exercise plans, but you can squeeze in some intensive workout by joining a boot camp.

It introduces you to an aerobic and muscle toning workout that can burn off up to a whopping 600 calories per hour, allowing you to maximize your efforts in just one session. Taking one to two boot camp sessions is enough to last you a week, making it the best option for busy-goers.


The Bottom Line

Boot camp combines cardio, strength, and muscle toning exercises in one intensive, 60-minute sessions. Working out in the great outdoors with like-minded gym buffs also contributes to the change of scenery, allowing the team to build their motivation and confidence together.

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